What makes a strong applicant to BioE?

The Department of Bioengineering uses a holistic process to review applications. The admission committee looks at quality of the overall academic record, as well as quality and content of the personal statement. Leadership and research experiences are considered, as is overcoming adversity and hardship.

What are the GPA averages for acceptance to the BioE major?

While we do not select based on grades alone, most competitive applicants will have a strong GPA in the prerequisite courses. The minimum cumulative GPA to be considered for admission is 2.5.

Upper division admission
(Winter ’18)
Early admission
(Summer ’18)
Upper division Admission (Winter ’19) Early Admission (UW sophomore/Interest-changer)
(Summer ’19)
DTC Placement
(Summer ’19)
Average pre-req cumulative GPA of enrolled students 3.69 3.74 3.58 3.72 3.62
Average cumulative GPA of enrolled students 3.65 3.76 3.64 3.82 3.68
% of applicants enrolled into the program 25.4% 28.4% 37.9% 57% 56.5%

The Summer ‘19 statistics include the Direct to College (DTC) placement and Early Admissions for interest-changers. The Winter ‘18 – Winter ‘19 statistics are pre-DTC.

When should I apply?

The process for placement the B.S. in Bioengineering program depends on a student’s current class standing. Please see the Undergraduate Program Admissions page for details and prerequisites. We are a small department and offer our courses only once a year. The core classes begin in Spring quarter of Sophomore year. Students can be placed in the major in the Autumn of their Sophomore year, or in the Spring of their Sophomore year.

My application to the BioE major has been denied. Can I apply and be reconsidered next year?

Yes, students may re-apply and be reconsidered. There is no priority for past applicants and there are no guarantees of placement. The department does not maintain a waitlist.