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Bioengineering senior Sam Kokoska finds balance

I wanted a school with a great soccer program and a strong commitment to academics. UW was the perfect match in the way it supports student success in athletics, academics, service and personal well-being. ...At the UW, I learned about bioengineering. The idea of applying engineering solutions to medical problems immediately appealed to me. ...In addition to getting great hands-on research experience, I also learned about balancing priorities.

By |2020-10-26T08:11:58-07:00June 2nd, 2019|

Two UW concepts for helping kidney-failure patients advance in national contest

Two ideas put forth by UW's Center for Dialysis Innovation (CDI) - a next-generation wearable dialyzer and a new vascular access graft - advanced to the finals in a national competition aimed at speeding innovations in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases. 

By |2020-10-26T08:12:00-07:00May 3rd, 2019|

Synthetic peptide can inhibit toxicity, aggregation of protein in Alzheimer’s disease, researchers show

Researchers led by UW Department of Bioengineering Professor Valerie Daggett have developed synthetic peptides that can target and inhibit the small, toxic protein aggregates that are thought to trigger Alzheimer’s disease. The team reports their achievement in a paper published the week of April 15 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 

By |2020-10-26T08:12:02-07:00April 16th, 2019|

Patterned human microvascular grafts enable rapid vascularization and increase perfusion in infarcted rat hearts

Ying Zheng and colleagues demonstrate that engineered perfusable microvessel grafts enhance vascular remodeling and accelerate coronary perfusion, potentially supporting cardiac tissues after implantation.

By |2020-10-26T08:12:05-07:00February 28th, 2019|
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