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Spring 2014 UW Bioengineering eNews

In this issue:  Chair's Letter - Note to Graduates - Features - News Briefs - [...]

By | June 4th, 2014|

Advanced 3-D imaging technique maps micro blood flow in real-time

UW Bioengineer Ruikang Wang’s non-invasive method for imaging vascular health holds promise for better diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diseases.

By | June 10th, 2014|

Profile: Fulbright recipient Hani Mahmoud to study diabetes in Kuwait

Bioengineering senior Hani Mahmoud is eager to help establish collaborations between the United States and Kuwait on mutual interests in biomedicine to improve health.

By | June 9th, 2014|

Winter 2014 UW Bioengineering eNews

Winter 2014 UW Bioengineering eNews. Updates on our research in technologies for global health, student profiles, news briefs and more.

By | January 29th, 2014|

Rapid results lead the way in inventing the high-tech, low-cost future of medicine

The world does not yet have a Star Trek tricorder. But UW bioengineers are developing devices and technology that may be powerful precursors to Dr. McCoy’s handy 23rd century diagnostic device, and may make improving health faster and easier than ever before. Researchers are answering the call for accessible, rapid testing tools, which can speed the time until treatment starts, helping prevent deaths, outbreaks and disability.

By | February 14th, 2014|

Senior Anh Ta helping develop hydrogels to tackle brain cancer

Senior Anh Ta is pursuing research solutions and embracing academic challenges, with the hope of one day becoming a pediatric oncologist.

By | February 14th, 2014|