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Paul Yager presents at TEDXRainier Nov. 22, 2014 (updated video)

UW Bioengineering Professor and former department chair (2007-13) Dr. Paul Yager presented at TEDXRainier in Seattle's McCaw Hall on November 22, in which he discussed how his research group is developing paper-based devices for diagnosing infectious disease, revolutionizing the world of medicine and increasing access to healthcare to everyone, everywhere.

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Programming in Paper

Inside the Yager lab's at-home medical test kit is a two-dimensional paper network of switches [...]

2020-10-26T08:30:47-07:00December 15th, 2014|

Ph.D. student’s quantitative analysis of swab performance published in PLOS One, may inform future diagnostic test development

Not all swabs used in diagnostic testing are created alike: UW BioE Ph.D student Nuttada Panpradist is lead author of study published recently in PLOS One that offers a quantitative, objective analysis of a common, critical component of diagnostic tests for disease. The study’s results may inform future diagnostic test development, helping test developers select appropriate swab types and transfer methods for diagnosis of a wide variety of disease.

2020-10-26T08:31:23-07:00October 16th, 2014|

Paul Yager to speak at TEDxRainier 2014

UW Bioengineering Professor Dr. Paul Yager will present a talk at TEDxRainier 2014 on November 22nd. Dr. Yager, who served as UW BioE chair from 2007 to 2013, focuses on development of microfluidic devices and systems for analysis of biological fluids for use in biomedical diagnostics. The primary goal of his work is to expand access to healthcare by creating low-cost point-of-care diagnostic devices that can easily be used in low-resource settings.

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PhD candidates Gina Fridley, Carly Holstein lead Team Flu Finder to 2nd place in 2014 UW Business Plan Competition

Team Flu Finder receives second place prize ($10,000) and Best Innovation prize ($2,500) at the 2014 UW Business Plan Competition. The team, led by UW Bioengineering PhD candidates Gina Fridley and Carly Holstein and involved UW Foster School of Business MBA students. Flu Finder aims to improve current flu diagnosis tests with a new type of diagnostic device that is accurate, inexpensive, and can be administered by anyone, anywhere, with results in less than 20 minutes.

2020-10-26T08:31:30-07:00May 23rd, 2014|

Rapid results lead the way in inventing the high-tech, low-cost future of medicine

The world does not yet have a Star Trek tricorder. But UW bioengineers are developing devices and technology that may be powerful precursors to Dr. McCoy’s handy 23rd century diagnostic device, and may make improving health faster and easier than ever before. Researchers are answering the call for accessible, rapid testing tools, which can speed the time until treatment starts, helping prevent deaths, outbreaks and disability.

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