Recognizing the outstanding contributions of faculty, graduate students and staff in UW Bioengineering

Mission Statement

The BioE Awards recognize the outstanding contributions of faculty, graduate students and staff members make towards the department’s mission and vision, and their positive impact upon the departmental community. Awardees demonstrate excellence in research, teaching, mentoring, administrative leadership and service.

Nomination process

Nominations are submitted annually by faculty, students and staff within the department. Any faculty member, graduate student or staff member who has worked for the department at least 6 months is eligible to be nominated. Awardees are selected at the discretion of the Chair.

Awards are distributed at the Rushmer Lecture, held annually each spring.

Award Categories

Outstanding Faculty Mentor

Outstanding Graduate Student Mentor

Outstanding Graduate Student TA ** (Note: The graduate student award was separated into two distinct awards in 2015)

Outstanding Staff Member

Previous Awardees

Year Faculty Graduate Student Staff
2015 Suzie Pun Nuttada Panpradist (Outstanding Graduate Student Mentor)
Ted Chen (Outstanding Graduate Student TA)
Colleen Irvin
 2014 Barry Lutz Wilbert Copeland Elizabeth Soberg
2013 Alyssa Taylor Julie Shi Sonia Honeydew
2012 Dan Ratner Camilo Perez Becky Rooney
2011 Chris Neils Hong Chen Kelli Jayn Nichols
2010 Lee White Laura Wright
2009 Shahram Vaezy Ronnie Das Jennifer Gouine
2008  Chris Neils Trevor Fowler Charles Luo