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UW Bioengineering Chair’s Office Administrative Staff

UW Bioengineering Chair’s Office located in Foege N107. Office hours 9 AM – 4 PM. Receptionist may be reached during office hours by emailing ude.w1511481711u@tss1511481711aeoib1511481711 or calling 206-685-2000.

Cecilia Giachelli, Acting Chair

Cecilia Giachelli

Email:   ude.w1511481711u@rhc1511481711eoib 1511481711
Phone:   (206)685-2002

Ruth Woods, Administrator

Ruth Woods
Director of Finance and Operations

Email:   ude.w1511481711u@sdo1511481711owr 1511481711
Phone:   (206) 685-2004

Norbert Berger, Computing Services Manager

Norbert Berger
Computing Services Manager

Email:   ude.w1511481711u@tre1511481711bron 1511481711
Phone:   (206) 543-9757

Kylee Blue

Kylee Blue
Program Coordinator

Email:   ude.w1511481711u@2ke1511481711ulb 1511481711
Phone:   (206) 616-3371

Jan Cranfield, Grants Specialist

Jan Cranfield
Grants Specialist

Filemon Gonzalez

Filemon Gonzalez
Budget Fiscal Analyst Lead

Elisha Hamilton

Elisha Hamilton
Fiscal Technician, Purchasing

Colleen Irvin
Facility & Instructional Lab Operations Manager

Shirley Nollette, Assistant to the Chair and Faculty HR Specialist

Shirley Nollette
Assistant to the Chair and Faculty HR Specialist

Buzzy Mounce

Elizabeth (Buzzy) Mounce
Fiscal Specialist

Email:   ude.w1511481711u@ecn1511481711uome 1511481711
Phone:   (206) 221-6707

Andy Nicastro, payroll coordinator

Andy Nicastro
Payroll Specialist

Email:   ude.w1511481711u@yap1511481711eoib 1511481711
Phone:   (206) 543-1143

Becky Rooney, Grants Manager

Becky Rooney
Grants Manager

Melissa Salgado

Melissa Gott
HR Coordinator

Email:   ude.w1511481711u@88l1511481711em 1511481711
Phone:   (206) 616-8315

Laura Wright, Web Information and Communications Specialist

Laura Wright
Web Information & Communications Specialist

Email:   ude.w1511481711u@3we1511481711l 1511481711
Phone:   (206) 543-8958

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UW Bioengineering Advising and Academic Services Staff

Wendy Thomas, UW Bioengineering faculty

Wendy Thomas
Vice Chair of Academic Affairs

Email:   ude.w1511481711u@tyd1511481711new 1511481711
Phone:   (206) 685-3947

Marta Scatena, Graduate Program Coordinator

Marta Scatena
Graduate Program Coordinator

Alyssa Taylor

Alyssa Taylor
Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Clay Schwenn

Clay Schwenn
Director, Academic Services

Peggy Sharp

Peggy Sharp
Academic Counselor, Ph.D. program

Chetana Acharya

Chetana Acharya
Academic Counselor, Master's programs (MS, MAB, PharBE)

Holly Williams

Holly Williams
Academic Counselor, Undergraduate Programs

Kalei Combs

Kalei Combs
Academic Program Coordinator

Email:   ude.w1511481711u@cie1511481711lak 1511481711
Phone:   (206) 221-5448

Brittni Burgess

Brittni Burgess
Peer Advisor

Email:   ude.w1511481711u@gne1511481711oib 1511481711
Phone:   (206) 685-2000

Julio Pineda, UW Bioengineering undergraduate student and peer advisor

Julio Pineda
Peer Advisor

Email:   ude.w1511481711u@gne1511481711oib 1511481711
Phone:   (206) 685-2000

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UW Bioengineering Translational and Development Staff

Michael Regnier

Michael Regnier
Vice Chair for Research

Kassandra Thomson, Coulter Program Assistant Director

Kassandra Thomson, Ph.D.
Coulter Program Director

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