Health Innovators Collaborative Seminar

Entering the Era of Consumer-Driven Access and Delivery

Speaker Details:

Ralph C. Derrickson
President and CEO
Carena, Inc.

Lecture Details:

February 3, 2015
4:30 p.m.
Turner Auditorium (D209)


Changes in health plan design and the shift in economic responsibility are out-pacing changes in health care delivery. Ralph C Derrickson, President and CEO of Carena, Inc., will discuss the forces that are driving a new era of consumer access and delivery. He will describe how Carena is combining the best of modern medicine, technology, and the e-commerce model of “consumer first” to create new virtual care delivery systems that are rapidly revolutionizing consumer access. Ralph will share his experience partnering with some of the largest health care systems in the country as they strive to meet these challenges.

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