Health Innovators Collaborative Seminar

Delivering Innovation Across the Health Care Continuum

Speaker Details:

Christopher Hall
Senior Director, Radiology Solutions
Philips Healthcare

Lecture Details:

March 5, 2015
4:30 p.m.
Turner Auditorium (D209)


Healthcare is undergoing worldwide transformation, especially in North America. Underlying demographic trends such as an increasingly aging population, and the management of chronic and lifestyle related diseases, demand more and more healthcare resources. To address the unsustainable nature of healthcare costs, many governments and private payers, as well as healthcare consumers, are demanding the fastest path to best care at the lowest cost. These demands are leading to large-scale changes in the way medicine is practiced, reimbursed, and incentivized across the entire healthcare value chain.
At Philips, these changes have led to a convergence of two of our traditional customer segments: the healthcare professional and healthy living markets. As our customers’ businesses change, Philips has had to take a novel approach of addressing peoples’ needs across the full health continuum from healthy living, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery, to potential home care solutions. In this seminar, I will share experiences from our customers who now expect comprehensive solutions rather than discreet products. I will discuss some of the changes that a multi-national, healthcare technology company has undergone in order to react and prosper in this new healthcare environment.

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