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Allan HoffmanUW Bioengineering Prof. Emeritus Allan Hoffman

Smart polymers and hydrogels
Polymeric biomaterials
Surface energy principles
Surface modification
Protein adsorption
Non-fouling surfaces
Controlled drug delivery

Dr. Hoffman is an international “ambassador for biomaterials.” After joining the UW faculty in 1970, he began to synthesize polymers and hydrogels with special physical and biomedical properties. By combining these special biomaterials with drugs, enzymes and antibodies, he pioneered the applications of temperature and pH-responsive intelligent polymers and hydrogels in the fields of drug delivery, diagnostic assays and biologically-active and non-fouling polymer surfaces. Much of his research has been carried out with Department of Bioengineering collaborators Buddy Ratner, Thomas Horbett and Patrick Stayton. Dr. Hoffman is inventor or co-inventor on  273 patent applications, of which 113 were issued; several of these were licensed to industry.

Dr. Hoffman continues to actively teach in short courses in the US and internationally, and to advise on research in the areas of smart polymers and hydrogels, controlled drug delivery, separations and biomaterial surface modification.

BS, MS and ScD, Chemical Engineering, MIT, 1949-1957

President, Society for Biomaterials (1983-1984)
Biomaterials Science Prize, Japanese Biomaterials Society (1990)
Founder’s Award of the Society for Biomaterials (2000)
Chandra Sharma Award, Biomaterials Society of India (2003)
Elected to the US National Academy of Engineering (2005)
International Recognition Award, Society for Polymer Science, Japan (2006)
Founder’s Award of the Controlled Release Society (2007)
Acta Biomaterialia Gold Medal (2017)

Dr. Hoffman previously taught courses on surface principles, polymer structure-properties relationships, biomaterials and drug delivery systems.

AS Hoffman, Historical Introduction to the Field of Drug Delivery and Targeting; invited as the introductory chapter in the book: “Drug Delivery and Targeting Fundamentals, Applications and Future Directions”, 2nd Edition, Taylor and Francis, London (to be published in 2016).

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