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Donald A. Martyn

My research career was focused on the molecular/cellular mechanisms that underlie the steep sarcomere length dependence of contractility in cardiac muscle, which defines the Frank-Starling relationship for the heart (increased blood flow back to the heart from increased physical activity leads to increased cardiac output).  In summary we found that the steep length dependence of contractility in heart muscle reflects both structural elements, such as the effects of myofilament proximity on the likelihood of force generating interactions between cardiac thin and thick filaments (myosin crossbridges), the kinds and strength of interactions between the molecular components of cardiac thin filament regulatory apparatus (tropomyosin, toponin-T, troponin-I and troponin-C) in the presence of activating myoplasmic Ca2+ concentrations, as well as the state of phosphorylation of cardiac troponin-I.  We employed mechanical measurements of isolated small cardiac trabeculae, low angle X-ray diffraction measurements of myofilamenet geometry and structure and fluorescent microscopy of fluorescently labeled thin filament regulatory proteins (troponin-C) to monitor Ca2+ and crossbirdge induced changes in thin filament activation.  Currently I periodically consult with my friend and colleague Dr. Michael Regnier

Professional Organizations:

  • Cardiac Muscle Society
  • Biophysical Society

Editorial Responsibilities: Served on numerous occasions (6-8 times per year for the past 8 years) as Reviewer for:

  • Biophysical Journal
  • American Journal of Physiology
  • Journal of Physiology
  • Journal of General Physiology
  • Journal Muscle Research
  • Cell Motility

Post-doctoral Fellow, Center for Bioengineering, University of Washington, 1980-1982
Post-doctoral Fellow Department Physiology/Biophysics, University of Washington, 1978-1980
Ph.D Biology, University of Southern California, 1975
BS Biology, Pacific Lutheran University, 1969

NIH Cardiovascular Post-doctoral Training Grant (1978-1982)
NSF Graduate Training Grant (1969-1975)

Bioengineering Analysis of Physiological Systems 1. Bioengineering 304 (Fall 2005)
Bioengineering Analysis of Physiological Systems 1. Bioengineering 304 (Fall 2004)
Bioengineering Analysis of Physiological Systems I. Bioengineering 304 (Fall, 2003)
Bioengineering Analysis of Physiological Systems II. Bioengineering 305 (Winter, 2002)
Bioengineering Analysis of Physiological Systems I. Bioengineering 304 (Fall, 2002)

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