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Associate Teaching Professor
Phone: (206)543-8533
Office: Foege N430L
UW Bioengineering faculty Alyssa Taylor

Alyssa Taylor

I educate future bioengineers, who will contribute to the development of new healthcare technologies and help solve today’s medical challenges.
Curriculum design
Optimizing student learning outcomes through educational research
Accessibility/Universal Design
Inclusive teaching
My teaching activities are focused on developing, implementing, and evaluating core introductory and laboratory courses for bioengineering undergraduates, as well as co-facilitating the Capstone Design sequence. I pursue continuous program improvement activities and educational research, with the ultimate goal of optimizing undergraduate bioengineering curriculum design and student learning. Currently, my curriculum innovations center on topics such as accessibility and inclusivity in teaching.
PhD, Biomedical Engineering,University of Virginia, 2010
BS, Biological Systems Engineering, University of California, Davis, 2003

2021 University of Washington College of Engineering Faculty Teaching Award
2020 University of Washington Distinguished Teaching Award, UW Awards of Excellence (considered the top teaching award at the University of Washington)
2017 Association for Women in Science (AWIS) Award for Excellence in Science Education, Seattle Chapter
2013 Bioengineering Award for Outstanding Teacher/Mentor
2011 National Effective Teaching Institute Workshop nomination
2011 ASEE Pacific Northwest Section Conference Travel Award
2010 Best Paper Award for Biomedical Engineering Division at American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Conference

BIOEN 215: Introduction to Bioengineering Problem Solving
BIOEN 337: Mass Transport and Systems Laboratory
BIOEN 405: Team Design II
Co-instructor of Bioengineering Capstone program
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A.C. Taylor. “Use of Case Studies and a Systematic Analysis Tool to Engage Undergraduate Bioengineering Students in Ethics Education” American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Conference, San Antonio, TX. Fully Refereed. (2012)

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A.C. Taylor, K.E. Mason, A.L. Peirce Starling, T.E. Allen, and S.M. Peirce. “Impact of Team and Advisor Demographics and Formulation on the Success of Biomedical Engineering Senior Design Projects” ASEE Conference, Louisville, KY. Fully Refereed. (2010)

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