On March 21, 2014, UW Bioengineering distributed BIOE Awards for Outstanding Faculty, Graduate Student/TA and Staff Member. These awards annually recognize outstanding contributions of individual members of the BIOE community.

UW Bioengineering faculty Barry LutzOutstanding Faculty Award: Barry Lutz

How does Dr. Lutz make outstanding contributions to the BIOE community?

Dr. Lutz is recognized for his dedication to helping students develop independent research skills. He challenges students to master their research projects, which inspires their confidence and joy for science. He motivates students to gain technical expertise and develop strong problem solving abilities. He is noted for excellent communication skills, being easily accessible and willing to go the extra mile to help students succeed.

About Dr. Lutz

Dr. Lutz is a chemical engineer by training, with degrees from The University of Texas and the University of Washington. In his current work, he applies physical and biochemical principles to develop point-of-care diagnostics that are simple enough for untrained users and non-laboratory settings. He takes pride in mentoring talented students to become strong researchers through deep, focused thinking and goal-oriented investigation. In his free time, Barry likes getting outdoors on feet, bike, or boat, writing proposals and papers, helping his kids explore the world and responding to email.

Quotes from Nominations

“Dr. Lutz has provided an outstanding learning opportunity for me to grow as a researcher.”
“Working with Dr. Lutz has been a tremendous educational experience for me.”
“Pushes us beyond the limit – while making us enjoy science.”
“His conscientiousness on the quality of experiment data and analysis shapes my work ethic.”

Wilbert Copeland teaching kidsOutstanding Graduate Student/TA Award: Wilbert Copeland

How does Wilbert make outstanding contributions to the BIOE community?

Wilbert is known for his talent in research, teaching, and mentorship. In his lab, he is noted for his ability to lead by example, helping undergraduates learn difficult new techniques and skills. His interest in teaching and mentoring is not limited to BIOE – he dedicates time and effort to volunteering for numerous educational outreach activities at UW that ultimately increase diversity in science and engineering.

About Wilbert

Wilbert entered UW Bioengineering’s PhD program in 2008 after graduating from University of California, San Diego with a bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering. His research focuses on quantitative
characterization of transcriptional events in bacteria. Wilbert mentors undergraduates in Dr. Herbert Sauro’s lab, and works with campus organizations to engage high school and undergraduate students in Bioengineering research. He plans to work in industry and pursue a career in computational biology. In his free time, Wilbert enjoys playing and coaching basketball, hiking, and tinkering with electronics.

Quotes from Nominations

“I know that I’m going to be a much stronger researcher thanks to his skills as a mentor.”
“He not only teaches me what is I need to do but also goes in depth about why I need to do things a certain way.”
“His enthusiasm helps his students discover their love for science, medicine, and research.”
“His attitude that no problem is insoluble has a great influence on the students he mentors.”

Elizabeth SobergOutstanding Staff Member: Elizabeth Soberg

How does Elizabeth make outstanding contributions to the BIOE community?

Elizabeth is recognized by her colleagues for her excellent lab management skills. She not only keeps Dr. Cecilia Giachelli’s lab running smoothly, but is also dedicated to serving as a resource to anyone, in any lab. Students cite her patience and willingness to help them learn new research techniques. She is also noted for her commitment to maintaining the highest standards for the welfare and safety of her lab’s research animals.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth has worked at UW Bioengineering for nearly seven years. Before coming to BIOE, she worked in pediatric urology research at Children’s Hospital. She is a University of Washington graduate, where she majored in Anthropology and was a pre-nursing student. Throughout her career in BIOE, she has gained extensive research experience, lab management and mentoring skills. Elizabeth says that receiving the BIOE Outstanding Staff award “is truly an achievement I’m very proud of”. In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys kickboxing, yoga, and cooking.

Quotes from Nominations

“She works tirelessly to ensure our lab runs smoothly and that our animal work is conducted to the highest standards in regards to animal welfare and safety. ”
“She is always willing to help out, and goes above and beyond every day.”
“I think she is an excellent role model … and I really believe the Giachelli lab is lucky to have her.”
“Liz has been a huge support to numerous students in the lab.”