Read on to learn about programs and resources that provide academic, social, financial and cultural support specific to UW Bioengineering and those from the College of Engineering and UW.

Mentorship Programs for Undergraduate Students

The bioengineering community strives to build an expansive mentoring ecosystem (see figure below) for students by providing culturally-aware mentoring for undergraduate students as they go through different stages of their academic and professional development. Below, we outline the various mentorship programs available for undergraduate students and how students can choose the program that is best suited for their current needs.

Model Mentoring NetworkMontgomery, B. L. (2017). Mapping a Mentoring Roadmap and Developing a Supportive Network for Strategic Career Advancement. SAGE Open, 7(2).

For freshman/sophomore students who want to explore the bioengineering major:

Undergraduate Mentorship Program (Biomedical Engineering Society at UW)

The BMES Undergraduate Mentorship Program pairs freshman and sophomore mentees with mentors who are junior and senior bioengineering students. The purpose of this program is to help first and second year undergraduate students learn about the bioengineering major, connect with opportunities to explore bioengineering, and receive guidance for the major placement process.


For undergraduate students who would like to start bioengineering research or want to learn about graduate school:

BioExplore Mentorship Program

BioExplore is an inclusive community for students interested in learning about and sharing their passions for research in bioengineering-related fields. The BioExplore mentorship program aims to help all undergraduate students explore research opportunities and/or learn more about graduate school. Mentees are paired with mentors who are junior or senior bioengineering undergraduates or graduate students, depending on the needs of the mentee.


For junior/senior bioengineering students who want to learn about career opportunities in the bioengineering industry: 

Industry Mentorship Program (Biomedical Engineering Society at UW & BioEngage)

This mentorship program, led by BMES at UW and BioEngage, aims to help junior and senior bioengineering students learn more about career opportunities in the biotechnology industry, network, and explore their career goals. Mentees are paired with a mentor who is working in the biomedical engineering/biotechnology industry.

Contact: or

Internships in an industry setting add a key dimension to a student’s education. By learning and practicing skills in a professional environment, UW Bioengineering students can gain valuable on-the-job experience, expand their skillsets, and prepare for a smoother transition from academia to industry.

Campus resources for obtaining an internship or job include:

Many Bioengineering courses offer the opportunity to work as a paid teaching assistant, either on an hourly or salaried basis. Students with a UW NetID may view the Bioengineering TA and grader home page to see available positions and application instructions.

The UW Bioengineering student community is supported by great facilities.  Students enjoy:

  • Day and night access to the building, computer labs and student den
  • Open collaborative spaces on each floor designed to foster conversation, exchange of ideas,h study groups, and lunch groups
  • A student lounge   which provides a convenient place for students to relax, chat, and have a bite to eat in the vicinity of labs and classrooms. Amenities include a community fridge, sink, microwave, freezer, couches, television, LCD computer screens, tables and a big screen TV.
  • Lockers in the Foege building
  • A student-only drop-in computing lab
  • An advanced computing lab, open for students whenever class is not in session
  • Ability to reserve our conference rooms, seminar rooms, and meeting rooms for student exams and events
  • Access to presentation equipment and video editing equipment