Seminars are held Thursdays, Winter and Spring quarters 1:00 – 1:50pm PDT.

Bioengineering Departmental Seminar Schedule

1/5/2023: Douglas Fowler – UW
Title: Understanding genetic variants: from technology development to the clinic

1/12/2023: Benjamin Freedman -UW
Title: Bioengineering a Stem Cell Therapy for Kidney Disease

1/19/2023: Brian Aguado – UCSD
Title: Sex-specific in vitro models of aortic valve stenosis

1/26/2023: Juan Carlos del Álamo – UW Medicine
Title: Patient-specific, physics-informed prediction of cardioembolic stroke risk

2/2/2023: Prof. Denise Cai, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Title: The brain in motion: how ensemble fluidity supports memory-updating

2/9/2023: Elizabeth Wayne, Carnegie Mellon University

2/16/2023: Joshua Chen, Rice University

2/23/2023: Dr. Meredith Redd, University of Washington
Title: Strategies to combat cardiac ischemia – from stem cells to deadly venom

3/2/2023: faculty candidate hold

3/9/2023 no seminar – Phd recruitment

3/16/2023: faculty candidate hold

3/23/2023: Arup Chakraborty – MIT

3/30/2023: faculty candidate hold

4/6/2023: Anna Kuchina – IBS (Seattle)

4/13/2023: Elizabeth Nance – UW

4/20/2023: TBD

4/27/2023: Sarah Heilshorn – Stanford

5/4/2023: Rong Fan – Yale

5/11/2023: Lin Tian – UC Davis

5/18/2023: Jen Davis – UW

5/25/2023: TBD

6/1/2023: TBD

March 31: Song Li – UCLA
Title: “Engineering stem cells and biomaterials for neuromuscular regeneration”

Apr. 7: Shelly Peyton – UMass Amherst
Title: “Tissue-Inspired Synthetic Biomaterials”

Apr. 14: Erika Moore – Univ. of Florida
Title: “Understanding and Designing Biomaterials for Immune Cell Tuning”

Apr. 21: Paul Gallant – Lifenet Health
Title: TBA

Apr. 28: Shannon Oda – Seattle Children’s Research Inst./UW Pediatrics
Title: “Overcoming T cell therapy barriers with engineered proteins”

May 5: Vincent Rotello – UMass Amherst 
Title: “Interfacing Nanomaterials with Biology: From Biologics Delivery to Antimicrobials”

May 12: Mark Frohlich – Indapta Therapeutics
Title: “Developing Cell Therapy for Cancer; Lessons learned over 2 Decades of Clinical Development”

May 19: Beth Pruitt – UC Santa Barbara
Title: “Human iPSC derived cardiomyocytes as models for the mechanobiology of cardiomyopathy at the single cell level”

May 26: Younan Xia – Georgia Tech
Title: “Biomimetic Scaffolds for Tissue Repair and Regeneration”

June 2: Joe Beechem – NanoString Technologies
Title: “The Spatial Biology Revolution in Life Sciences: multi-omic whole-transcriptome digital spatial profiling combined with single-cell and sub-cellular Spatial Molecular Imaging”