"Intelligent Imaging of Joint Degeneration in Osteoarthritis"

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Dr. Sharmila Majumdar
University of California - San Francisco

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April 1, 2021
12:30 p.m. - 1:20 p.m. PDT
Margaret Hart Surbeck Distinguished Professor in Advanced Imaging; Vice Chair for Research
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Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of articular cartilage and the joint as whole has recently been recognized as a tool for the characterization of morphology, biochemistry and function in osteoarthritis (OA). In this talk MR imaging methods related to imaging cartilage, meniscus, muscle, bone and relating the quantitative tissue imaging to function, pain, skeletal biomechanics, and movement changes in osteoarthritis will be discussed. The joints that are typically affected by OA leading to joint replacement are the hip and knee, and in this talk we will focus on methods to quantitatively characterize these two joints. The inter-relationship between different joint tissues to gait, motion and joint loading will be explored. In addition, to MR the use of multi-modality PET-MR will be introduced. Emerging artificial intelligence methods applied to quantitative OA imaging, across the imaging cycle – from image acquisition, reconstruction, feature extraction and disease trajectory modelling will be presented.

Speaker Bio:

Sharmila Majumdar, PhD, is a UCSF Professor and is the Vice Chair for Research and Margaret Hart Surbeck Distinguished Professor in Advanced Imaging in the Departments of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences, Orthopedic Surgery at UCSF and Bioengineering at UC Berkeley. She is Director of the Musculoskeletal Research Interest Group at UCSF, an interdisciplinary group consisting of faculty, post-doctoral scholars and students, and is the Scientific and Executive Director of the Center for Intelligent Imaging.

Dr. Majumdar’s research work on imaging, particularly magnetic resonance and micro computed tomography, and development of image processing and analysis tools, machine and deep learning has been focused in the areas of osteoporosis, osteo-arthritis and lower back pain. Her research, which is supported by grants from the NIH and corporate entities is diverse ranging from technical development to clinical trials. She is a PI of a technology development grant in NIH’s BACPAC consortium. She also serves as a reviewer and is on the editorial board of scientific journals and is a recognized expert in the area of imaging.

Dr. Majumdar image April 1 seminar

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