Flexible Options to Take the Next Step Towards a Career in Research, Industry or Medicine

Apply to UW Bioengineering’s Masters Program

UW Bioengineering master’s programs provide diverse pathways for students who seek  to pursue a career in research, industry or medicine, or to take the next step towards an advanced degree. Our master’s students gain interdisciplinary collaboration experience, demonstrate creativity in solving problems in medicine and health care, and establish leadership in research and innovation.

Which master’s program is right for me?

Students working in a lab

Master of Science (thesis-based)

The Master of Science (MS) is a two year, full time program that prepares students for careers in academia or industry, or to pursue advanced degrees. MS students conduct a significant research project in a faculty lab, and defend a thesis documenting their work. Beyond the research project, MS students complete a year of coursework.

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Bachelor/Master of Science

Open to current UW Bioengineering students only.
The Bachelor/Master of Science (BS/MS) allows UW BioE BS students to attain a MS degree in one year immediately following graduation. BS/MS students spend their fifth year completing coursework, finishing their research project and defending their thesis.

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Master of Applied Bioengineering

The Master of Applied Bioengineering (MAB) is a one year, full time program for students interested in (bio)engineering design, entrepreneurship and/or product development. MAB students gain experience identifying real-world health care needs through a clinical practicum, biomedical design coursework, and a culminating summer industry internship or capstone project.

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Master of Pharmaceutical Bioengineering

The Master of Pharmaceutical Bioengineering (PharBE) is a part-time online program that is generally completed in two years. The PharBE is designed for working professionals in biotechnology and related fields to gain advanced education in the areas of molecular and cellular biology, drug discovery and design, pharmaceutics and translational pharmaceutics.

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