General Information

Strong research skills (at least one year, wet and dry lab experience preferred), excellent academic performance and research interests aligned with our faculty make strong candidates.

The Master of Science program requires 26 credits. This coursework can generally be completed within the first year.

Master of Science students do not receive financial support from the department, but are welcome to apply for financial aid or seek other funding. All students are responsible for minimal quarterly fees.

To get a position in a lab, you must first first be admitted. Although you are encouraged to learn more about our faculty and are welcome to contact them directly, please note that lab space will not be guaranteed unless you receive a formal offer from the Department’s Admissions Committee.

Visit UWHires or Handshake to learn about employment opportunities.

If you are an International student, please contact the International Student Services Office.

Master of Science students are 100% responsible for paying for their tuition and benefits. M.S. students are welcome to apply for TA and RA positions in Bioengineering and other departments; however, these appointments are extremely competitive and Ph.D. students often have priority. Search for RA and TA positions on campus using UWHires, category Academic Student Employee.

All candidates are encouraged to first visit the UW Graduate School to understand the overall application process.

International candidates, please visit the Graduate School’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

Master of Science applications are due December 1, 2020, 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time, USA for Autumn 2021 admission.
Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

No. However, exposure to most of the following content is recommended:

  • Algebra, linear algebra, trigonometry
  • Ordinary differential equations
  • Signal analysis
  • Probability theory and statistics
  • Programming
  • Electrical engineering and physics
  • Chemistry (inorganic, organic, biochemistry)
  • Material science
  • Rate processes and mathematics
  • Cellular biology

No. We actively seek individuals with degrees in bioengineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, physics, biology, computer science, electrical engineering and related disciplines. We select the best applicants from a wide array of backgrounds.

This will be determined on a case-by-case basis based on the following criteria:

  • Experience in science or engineering labs
  • Exposure to math, science and engineering course content
  • Strong personal statement
  • Strong letters of recommendation.

We do not have a minimum score requirement. The averages for our 2018 Master of Science cohort were: GPA: 3.53(on a 4.0 scale); GRE (percentiles) Quantitative: 87; Verbal: 76; and Analytical: 59.

We do not require the GRE exam and we do not require a minimum GPA. The averages for our 2020 Master of Science cohort were: GPA: 3.5(on a 4.0 scale); GRE (percentiles) Quantitative: 75; Verbal: 774; and Analytical: 68.

No, GRE scores & TOEFL scores can only be sent electronically, directly from ETS to University code: 4854.

No, the GRE subject test is not required

You must upload unofficial transcripts directly into your application by the deadline. An unofficial transcript is any transcript that you have received or have uploaded from your former institution.

No, if the transferred courses AND  their GPAs and credit information are recorded on another institution’s unofficial transcript. However, if one or more of these criteria are missing the other transcript(s), then you will need to submit the community college transcript(s).

Official transcripts are only required after you receive an admission offer. After the offer is made, you will receive instructions for submitting your official transcripts.

Yes, letters of recommendation are required to be submitted by the deadline. No late or incomplete applications will be considered.

Please do not submit this request until you have received an offer and decided that you will be attending the University of Washington.

Application fee waivers are available for McNair fellows and Posse scholar, and to students who indicate financial need and have filed a FAFSA. To apply for the application fee waiver, please submit your application no less than 1 week prior to the deadline, as fee waivers take several days to process.

Toward the end of the application, there is a drop down option (or a box you can select) where you can select an “apply for application fee waiver” option.

UW starts sending out notifications to Master of Science applicants via email and/or through the online application profile to students by the end of March.

If you are waiting to hear about the status of your application, please check the email account you submitted with your online application and also log back into your application profile.

No. Students’ primary advisers must be core or adjunct faculty.
Once you secure a primary adviser, it is possible for you to be co-advised by an affiliate faculty member.

Any faculty are welcome to mentor our graduate students; however, only core or adjunct faculty may serve as a student’s adviser.