UW Bioengineering is inventing the future of medicine and we are eager to share our mission with the public. We welcome interview request from members of the media as well as encourage our faculty to publicize their research as appropriate. Please review the following guidelines for pursuing media coverage of our research and education programs.

For members of the media

If you need help contacting a faculty member, or are looking for an expert in a particular area, please contact James Urton at UW News and Information at 206-543-2580, jurton@uw.edu, or Laura Wright, UW Bioengineering communications team manager, at 206-543-8958, bioenews@uw.edu.

  • Refer to department as “University of Washington Bioengineering” or “University of Washington Department of Bioengineeing”. Please do not abbreviate the department’s name (e.g. “BioE”).
  • Refer to field or discipline of “bioengineering” in lowercase.
  • Refer to faculty members as “University of Washington (or UW) Department of Bioengineering rank (eg, assistant professor, associate professor, professor)”
  • If a faculty member is joint in another department, please list all affiliated departments as “University of Washington professor of x and y”
  • If unsure about someone’s title or affiliation, please inquire by contacting our communications team.
  • Photos: Please ask faculty directly for photo, or contact our communications team.
  • Logos: Please refer to UW Marketing guidelines for appropriate use of UW logo.
  • We do not pay for marketing or publicity services from external vendors.

For UW Bioengineering Faculty

Before you begin: If you have questions about the legitimacy of a particular news outlet, or other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our communications team.

  • Please respond promptly. Journalists often have extremely short deadlines. It’s ok to set a later time to talk (even if it’s 5 minutes), to give yourself a chance to organize your thoughts.
  • When the interview is set or complete, alert our communications team about the interview so they can track the story for the department.
  • Please ask the reporter to refer to the department as “University of Washington Bioengineering” or “UW Bioengineering” and your title.
  • If you are interested in receiving media training or tips about communicating your message to the media and the public, please contact our communications team
  • Upon acceptance to a journal, research should be forwarded to our communications team, who will respect the embargo process.
  • Our communications team will forward to the UW News and Information office staff. If a news release is warranted, that staff member will work with the faculty PI to prepare an embargoed news release in advance of the publication date.
  • UW News and Information staff:

    James Urton, UW News and Information: 206-543-2580, jurton@uw.edu
    Leila Gray, School of Medicine: (206)685-0381, leilag@uw.edu

  • Major already-published research should be forwarded to our communications team.
  • After the embargo date, communications team will complete the following:

    1. Post to department Facebook page.
    2. Post to department website, which feeds display screen in 1st floor lobby
    3. Add to story list for BIOE eNews, a quarterly email publication
    4. UW News and Information staff, at their discretion, forward stories to other news outlets

When asked for photos of you or your research, you are encouraged to use the formal/informal photos taken by Scott Manthey in summer 2012. It is generally advisable to provide as high resolution images as possible. Contact our communications team for the link to the download site.

If you want or need new photos taken of you or your lab, contact our communications team.

If you need photos of campus, check out UW Marketing’s photo gallery.

Please do not pay for marketing or publicity services. If you need these kind of marketing services, please contact our communications team, which will connect you with a freelance marketing professional who provides services to the department.

Using UW logos

Please refer to UW Marketing guidelines for appropriate use of UW logo.

Please do not use these logos

Generally, the only correct logos to use for UW business are the “Block W” (upper-case W) and University of Washington wordmark (horizontal or stacked logo with formal serif font).

UW Bioengineering department members can download the department logos on MyBioE.

The following logos should never be used.

columns-logo UW seal Huskies logo
Columns logo – This logo is depreciated and has been replaced with the Block W logo. UW Seal – This logo is for official, executive-level use only (eg Offices of the President, Provost, etc) and for use on official documents like diplomas, transcripts, etc. Huskies logo – This logo is depreciated and which was indicated for UW Athletics use only.