Students in the News

UW Bioengineering students excel in research, leadership and service. Read on to learn how our students are inventing the future of medicine.

  • DEBUT award students and Dr. Lai

Student invention to better diagnose tuberculosis wins NIH prize

A team of UW bioengineering and mechanical engineering undergraduates won second place overall – and took home a $15,000 prize – at the National Institutes of Health’s 9th annual Design by Biomedical Undergraduate Teams (DEBUT) challenge.

Humans of BioE

The student-led Humans of UW Bioengineering project offers an inside perspective of the department’s student experience, direct from students themselves.

  • Humans of BioE


Joaquin Batista is a graduate student in the Masters of Applied Bioengineering (MAB) program with the Department of Bioengineering. He is currently working on a project applying augmented reality to neurosurgery for neurosurgical navigation using [...]

Humans of UW Bioengineering: Hannah Redden

Hannah Redden is a senior in the Department of Bioengineering and Department of Biochemistry, minoring in Chemistry and Classical Studies, undergraduate researcher in the Integrated Brain Imaging Center (IBIC), and Outreach Chair for BMES. Throughout [...]

Humans of UW Bioengineering: Alton Cao

Alton Cao is a senior studying bioengineering, and he plans to apply to medical school after graduation. Read more to learn about how Alton found his way into research before realizing he needed to make a change in his path, and discovered that working in patient care and medicine was more fulfilling for him.


Savannah Lawton is a senior studying Bioengineering. After graduation, she will be traveling the world solo for eight months under the Bonderman Fellowship. Read more to learn about how Savannah discovered her interests in bioengineering and plans to enter medicine.

Humans of UW Bioengineering: David Younger

David Younger is a postdoc in Bioengineering who is commercializing the work from his Ph.D. at A-Alpha Bio. Read more to learn about how the teamwork and scientific skills he built from his undergrad and Ph.D. were a perfect fit for his current challenge to build a startup.

  • Bekcy Darrow


Becky Darrow is a senior in the Department of Bioengineering at UW, and she will work as a consultant at Accenture after graduation. Read more to learn about her love of dance and lessons she learned throughout college.