Thank you for your interest in our undergraduate program!  The process for applying to the B.S. in Bioengineering program depends on a student’s current class standing. If you are unclear about your class standing, contact us. Choose an option below to learn more about the placement or application process.

Placement and Admission pathways

If you were admitted to the UW as a freshman and selected engineering-undeclared or an engineering major (other than computer engineering) as your first-choice major on your application, you will automatically be considered for Direct to College (DTC) admission. If admitted DTC, you will enter the UW as an Engineering Undeclared (ENGRUD) student and will have the opportunity to explore many engineering disciplines before requesting placement in an engineering major after your freshman year. Admission to DTC is only available in autumn quarter.

For more information on the application process and deadlines, visit the College of Engineering’s Freshman admission website.

Students admitted to UW as direct to college as Engineering Undeclared

As an Engineering Undeclared (ENGRUD) student, you’ll engage in a robust educational experience with opportunities to explore the connections between engineering disciplines. ENGRUD students can learn more about the College of Engineering placement process here.

ENGRUD students will be requesting placement at the end of  your freshman year and be major-ready for the bioengineering program the following spring.

Prerequisite courses to be Major-Ready

Students are encouraged to follow the department’s recommended plan of study to be major-ready. The BioE core classes begin in the spring quarter each year.

Prerequisite course Number of credits
MATH 124, 125, and 126 (or Honors equivalent) 15 credits
CHEM 142, 152, 162 (or Honors/Accelerated equivalent) 15 credits
PHYS 121, 122 (PHYS 122 may be in progress at the time of application) 10 credits
BIOL 180, 200 (BIOL 180 may be in progress at the time of application; BIOL 200 may be taken concurrent to BioE core) 10 credits
CHEM 223 or 237 4 or 5 credits
AMATH 301 or CSE 142 + BIOEN 217 or CSE 160 + BIOEN 217 4 or 5 credits
English composition 5 credits
BIOEN 215 (recommended) 3 credits
Please note that the UW BioE major core curriculum starts in the spring quarter, so students should be planning to complete the admissions requirements and submit the transfer application during the winter quarter. Students will begin the BioE core curriculum with BIOEN 315, 316, and 317 in the spring.

For this reason, the Bioengineering Application Deadline is January 15.

Most students in Bioengineering are placed in the department after being admitted as freshmen to the College of Engineering. The admissions process we describe here is for everyone else. We have an admissions process because we are a capacity-constrained major.

Prerequisite coursework

Students must have completed at least 55 academic credits at the time of application, including the following courses or equivalents at a transfer institution. Students must have a minimum 2.0 grade in each prerequisite course and a minimum 2.50 GPA.

Prerequisite course(s)


MATH 124, 125, and 126 (or Honors equivalent) 15
CHEM 142, 152, 162 (or Honors/Accelerated equivalent) 15
PHYS 121, 122 (PHYS 122 may be in progress at the time of application) 10
BIOL 180 (BIOL 180 may be in progress at the time of application) 5
CHEM 223 or 237 4 or 5
AMATH 301 or CSE 12X + BIOEN 217 or CSE 160 + BIOEN 217 4 or 5
English composition 5
BIOEN 215 or ENGR 115 (recommended, not required) 3

Admission for current UW students

The Department of Bioengineering warmly welcomes students with a passion for Bioengineering who were not directly admitted into the College of Engineering. Many students are interested in the biomedical field and have determined that an engineering approach to this field is right for them. We find these students bring valuable perspectives and enthusiasm as a fantastic addition to our program.

The steps below will help you create a plan to prepare for the departmental admissions cycle that takes place during the winter quarter for spring quarter admission.

Current UW student checklist

Admission for transfer & post-baccalaureate students

We enthusiastically welcome transfer and post-baccalaureate students to apply to our program and become part of the UW Bioengineering community. Transfer students bring their unique strengths and perspectives to UW BioE and become an essential and cherished component of our program every year.

We’re aware the transfer process can be complicated. In an attempt to make transfer advising accessible, we’ve made a transfer checklist. We recognize everyone has different circumstances that impact their academic plans, and we’re happy to meet with students very early on in their coursework to help them prepare for a transfer to UW and bioengineering.

Transfer student timeline and checklist

December 15


January 15


February & March


  • Decisions communicated mid-February.
  • Begin looking for housing if you live out of town.
  • Students with disabilities should get in contact with UW Disabled Resources for Students to begin the process of getting accommodations in place at UW.
  • Attend a Virtual Advising & Orientation session (typically in early March).
  • Get connected to the BioE community by joining the BioE undergraduate student listserv.
  • Classes begin in late March at UW Seattle.

As soon as you identify your interest