BS Bioengineering with Option in Nano & Molecular Engineering (NME)


Completion of the option results in a notation on the diploma: Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering (Nan & Mol Eng Option)


The NME Option in BIOE is designed to fit within the existing BS BIOE degree requirements. Specifically, NME students:

  • Complete the molecular concentration but select from a slightly more restricted set of bioengineering senior electives;
  • Take NME 220 for 4 of their 9 required approved engineering elective credits;
  • Take NME 321 and 421 (seminars) for 2 of their 8 general University elective credits;
  • Complete the Independent Research;
  • Include NME content in their required senior capstone project. The proposal written in 401 will outline the NME content of the project.

In other words, NME Option students complete all of the same degree requirements as a non-option student with additional restrictions.


  • Declared BIOE majors will self-identify as NME option students during Winter Quarter of junior year in BIOE.
  • It requires a change of degree code; the Academic Counselors will change codes by the beginning of spring quarter.
  • NME Option status affects the choice of capstone laboratory; capstone project (402 only) must have NME content.
  • The capstone proposal written in BIOEN 401, Spring Quarter of junior year, will outline the NME content of the project. Therefore students will not be able to declare NME after the beginning of Spring Quarter of junior year.
  • Students file for graduation at the beginning of Autumn Quarter, senior year. This is the last moment to withdraw from the NME option.

How to declare NME

To declare the NME Option, email the Academic Counselors with the following information, by the end of Winter Quarter, junior year:

  • Name and student ID#
  • Statement that you plan to complete the option in NME
  • Name of the faculty member whose lab you will be working in for BIOEN 402.
  • Statement that you and the faculty member have discussed your project having nano or molecular content. (This can be a general agreement at this point; you will work out the details during BIOEN 401.)