Completion of the option results in a notation on the diploma: Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering (Data Science Option)


The Data Science Option in BIOE is designed to fit within the existing BS BIOE degree requirements. Data Science students may complete either Capstone option: Independent Research or Team Design. Data Science students must complete specific Data Science courses from the follow categories:

  1. Introduction to Data Science: STAT 180/CSE 180/INFO 180, INFO 201, or INFO 370
  2. Programming: CSE 143 or 163
  3. Machine Learning: CSE/STAT 416, STAT 435, or INFO 371
  4. Societal Implications of Data Science: SOC 225, BH 201, BH 311, or BH 444
  5. At least 1 course each in 2 of the following data science areas:
  6. Data Management
  7. Data Visualization and Communication

iii. Data Science in Bioengineering: BIOEN 420, BIOEN 423, BIOEN 424, BIOEN 436, BIOEN 448, BIOEN 449, BIOEN 451, BIOEN 466, BIOEN 484,  BIOEN 485, BIOEN 488, or BIOEN 492

Data Science students must still complete the Bioengineering Senior Electives (15 credits) and Approved Engineering Electives (9-12 credits). Data Science Courses may be used to satisfy these requirements if on departmentally approved list of approved engineering electives.

In other words, Data Science Option students must complete all of the same degree requirements as a non-option student, in addition to fulfilling courses from the above categories.

HOW TO DECLARE the Data Science option

To declare the Data Science Option, email the Academic Counselor with the following information, by the end of Winter Quarter, junior year:

  • Name and student ID#
  • An academic plan outlining which Data Science requirements have been completed and how the remaining requirements will be fulfilled.
  • Students file for graduation at the beginning of Autumn Quarter, senior year. This is the last moment to withdraw from the Data Science option.