Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Resources


Race and Ethnicity


  • Women’s Center – Promotes gender equity and social justice through educational programs and services that allow all participants to succeed in life.
  • UW Society of Women Engineers – SWE offers scholarships, sponsorship of fun competitions, job and internship search resources, and recognition of outstanding achievements through awards
  • Women Engineers Rise (WE Rise) recruits recruits and supports women of all ethnic backgrounds in science and engineering (S&E) and fosters a healthy academic and social environment for men and women in engineering students at all levels of study.


  • UW Q Center – Facilitates and enhances a brave, affirming, liberatory, and celebratory environment for students, faculty, staff, and alumni of all sexual and gender orientation, identities, and expressions
  • UW chapter of oSTEM. oSTEM empowers LGBTQ+ people in STEM to succeed personally, academically, and professionally by cultivating environments and communities that nurture innovation, leadership, and advocacy
  • Q-munity is an RSO which welcomes queer students from all studies, backgrounds, and interests in weekly meetings where members can unwind and socialize.

Individuals with disabilities

International students


  • Staff Diversity Hiring Toolkit – Provides best practices to increase outreach efforts and build an inclusive applicant pool for staff positions at the UW.
  • Handbook of Best Practices for Faculty Searches – Provides best practices for hiring and retaining a diverse and inclusive faculty across the three campuses. Bhalla 2019 provides a review of strategies shown to improve equity in faculty hiring.
  • Office for Faculty Advancement – Ensures that the UW recruits, promotes and retains and excellent and diverse faculty.
  • Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action – Supports the university’s compliance with the law and spirit of equal opportunity and affirmative action as it relates to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, citizenship, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, or status as a disabled veteran or Vietnam-era veteran or other protected veterans.
  • The Department of Bioengineering expects faculty to utilize best practices for hiring postdocs, using the faculty and staff hiring links above. In addition, the UW Research Exchange provides funding for underrepresented STEM graduate students and postdocs from UW to visit other partner institutions, or from those institutions to visit UW, for short outreach/recruitment visits to learn new techniques, attend lab meetings, and give a job/chalk talk.


  • PR2ISM is an interdisciplinary tri-campus series launched at the University of Washington that aims to create systematic changes in STEM through workshops that explore equity-minded practices for STEM instruction and research activities.
  • Center for Teaching and Learning’s (CTL) Inclusive Teaching at UW provides resources for pedagogical practices that support meaningful and accessible learning for students of all races, ethnicities, genders, socio-economic classes, sexualities, disability/ability statuses, religions, nationalities, ages, and military statuses.
  • Equal Access: Universal Design of Instruction | DO-IT The universal design of instruction (UDI) framework is gaining increased attention and application by educational researchers.
  • CTL Teaching Remotely Pop-up Series explores best practices and essential aspects of effective remote instruction, and opportunity to share ideas and resources.
  • UW Well-Being for Life and Learning Guidebook – provides information for instructors on best practices, research, and personal testimonials for advancing student well-being through teaching for equity and access, nurturing connection in the classroom, building resilience, and connecting to the environment.