Joint A. Bruce Montgomery Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Bioengineering
Phone: (206) 543-1655
Office: Bagley 204

Daniel Chiu

I am developing new technologies to address pressing needs in biomedicine.
Advance optical instrumentation
Single-molecule studies
Single-cell biology
Oncology; Synaptic Function
My lab is focused on developing new methods for probing complex biological processes at the single-cell and single-molecule level, and on applying these new techniques for addressing pressing biological problems.
Ph.D in Chemistry, Stanford University, 1998
B.A. in Neurobiology, B.S. in Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley, 1993
Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University, 2000
2012 Elected AAAS Fellow
2011 UW Presidential Entrepreneurial Faculty Fellow
2010 Analytical Chemistry Young Innovator Award
2009 Pittcon Achievement Award
2007 American Chemical Society National Fresenius Award
2005 Alfred P. Sloan Fellow
2004 McKnight Technological Innovations in Neuroscience Award
2003 Keck Distinguished Young Scholar in Biomedical Research
2002 NIH Cutting-Edge Technology in Basic Research Award
2002 National Science Foundation Career Award
2000 Research Corporation’s Research Innovation Award
2000 Dreyfus New Faculty Award
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