Professor, Pharmacy

Rodney Ho

Currently accepting graduate students.

Systems Approach to Drug Targeting and High Resolution Diagnostic Imaging
Engineering of Nano-drug particles for targeted and long-acting effects to overcome pharmacologic deficiencies in HIV/AIDS and Cancer therapies
Biophysical and Biochemical studies of drug-lipid and drug-protein interactions as bases for development of stable and scalable nanoparticles for translational medicine
Development of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics model predictive of dose-response and time-course drug concentrations in animals and humans
Dr. Ho is an advocate for promoting public understanding of biotechnology, nanotechnology, pharmacy and public health. Hisresearch on basic and translational sciences intends to improve the therapeutic efficacy and safety of drugs, medical diagnostic agents and vaccines for cancer and HIV/AIDS.
PhD, University of Tennessee
Bachelor of Science, University of California