Professor, Radiology

Hubert Vesselle

Prospective graduate students: I am happy to serve on a thesis committee and advise students but not as the primary thesis advisor

Applications of SPECT/CT
Quantitative SPECT/CT
Applications of PET/CT
Characterization of new radiopharmaceuticals
I am the Director of the Division of Nuclear Medicine at UW.
The Division of Nuclear Medicine includes 7 clinical faculty, 5 physics faculty and 1 radiochemistry faculty. All together they cover a wide range of research interests both basic science and clinically applied science.

I have broad interests in medical imaging in particular nuclear imaging, CT and integration of imaging data with other clinical data. I have interests in developing new imaging strategies to meet new clinical needs brought on by new treatments or new understanding of disease biology.

MD, Case Western Reserve University , 1991
PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University