UW Bioengineering’s chapter of BMES engaged scientists of all ages at Life Sciences Research Weekend, held at Seattle Center November 7-9, 2014. The event, which attracted over 9,000 attendees this year, presents interactive exhibits and talks for school children, families and citizen scientists interested in learning more about the exciting world of life sciences and the key role research plays in our daily lives.

BioE has held a booth at the event since 2010, which BMES has managed  since 2011. This year’s booth event proved to be particularly popular with attendees, compared with previous years.

BMES led two activities demonstrating ultrasound and controlled release. The ultrasound demo showed how muscle contraction, arteries and veins could be imaged. In the controlled release demo, participants formed alginate “particles” and were asked to imagine the smallest thing they could think of as they learned about controlled release and long-acting medicine.

The event was led by BioE undergraduate student Linchi Pham. BioE undergraduates Rachel Lucero and Conner Caler set up the booth. Other volunteers included BioE undergraduates and graduate students, as well as faculty, staff and pre-BioE freshmen:

Abbi Hefler
Alyson Robbins
Alyssa Taylor, Ph.D.
Ang Li
Annapurni Sriram
Benjamin Pedigo
Brandy Tang
Chelsea Gish
Christian Mandrycky
Christina Nhan
CJ Mowry
Conner Caler
Cynthea J Barella
Diane Hendricks, Ph.D.
Dorian Varga
Dominic Tran
Fiona Brown
Hadley Garrett
Ian Andrews
Jessica Wang
Kathleen Ericksen
Kay Jayachandran
Kayleb Smith
Kiet Tuan Phuong
Lael Wetland
Linhchi Pham
Madison Gallagher
Minghui Shi
Natasha Paranjapye
Rachel Lucero
Rachel Straugh
Rolando Oscar Lopez-Chavez
Roujia Wang
Shengzu Tong
Shon Schmidt
Stephen Arjanto
Suning Li
Will Lykins
Xinliang Yu