Nineteen UW Bioengineering undergraduate students received Mary Gates Leadership and Mary Gates Research Scholarships this academic year, and 17 will present their research at the 24th annual Undergraduate Research Symposium to be held virtually on May 21. Congratulations, scholars!


Mary Gates Leadership Scholarships encourage undergraduate students to develop their leadership abilities through practical experience, personal reflection and in community with mentors and peers.

Mary Gates Leadership Scholarship awardee:

Awardee Name                              Major                                Mentor

Ruby Lunde                                    Bioengineering                Wendy Thomas, Bioengineering


Mary Gates Research Scholarships are competitive scholarships intended to enhance the educational experiences of UW while they are engaged in research guided by faculty. The research scholarships give students the opportunity to deepen their inquiry into a discipline or project with a reduced financial burden. Students receive research scholarships to pursue research in a variety of disciplines, and they present their work at the Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Mary Gates Research Scholarships are awarded at the end of autumn and winter quarters. This year’s  awardees are:

Mary Gates Research Scholarship awardees:

Winter 2021

Awardee Name                              Major                                                                 Mentor

Anisa Ashraf                                   Bioengineering                                               Suzie Pun, Bioengineering

Jake Flynn (presenting in 2022)  Bioengineering                                               Nathan Sniadecki, Mechanical Engineering

Jonah Kern                                     Bioengineering                                               Cole DeForest, Chemical Eng & Bioengineering

Alexandra Koriath                         Bioen: Nanoscience & Molecular Engr      Xiaohu Gao, Bioengineering

Lucy Liu                                           Bioengineering                                              Wendy Thomas, Bioengineering

Kat Motovilov                                Bioengineering                                               Michael Bruchas, Anesthesiology and Pain                                                                                                                                                 Medicine, Pharmacology, Biochemistry

Jamison Siebart                             Bioen: Nanoscience & Molecular Engr      Andre Berndt, Bioengineering

Karen Gaffney                                Bioengineering: Data Science                     David Mack, Rehabilitation Medicine & BioE


Autumn 2020

Awardee Name                              Major                                              Mentor

Wing Au                                          Bioengineering                              Azadeh Yazdan-Shahmorad, Bioengineering/ECE

Alice Burchett                                Bioengineering                              Cyrus Ghajar, Translational Research Program

Shivalika Chavan                           Bioengineering: Data Science     Azadeh Yazdan-Shahmorad, Bioengineering/ECE

Grace Kim                                       Psychology, Bioengineering        Miqin Zhang, Materials Science & Engineering

Karina Lavalley                              Bioengineering                              Ying Zheng, Bioengineering

Laura Lyu                                        Bioengineering                              Mehmet Sarikaya, Materials Science & Engineering

Jai Raman                                       Bioengineering                              Suzie Pun, Bioengineering

Aniruddh Saxena                           Bioengineering                              David Mack, Rehabilitation Medicine & Bioengineering

Justin Telm                                     Bioengineering                              Matt Kaeberlein, Pathology

Natalie Yap                                     Dance, Bioengineering                 Rajiv Saigal, Neurological Surgery