19th UWEB21 Biomaterials Intensive Short Course: Biomaterials: The Platform Technology of Medical Devices

August 14 to August 16, 2014
Seattle, Washington,
University of Washington Campus
(early registration rates in effect through August 2, 2014)

A 2.5 day introduction to biomaterials, medical devices and biocompatibility presented by the experts.

This short course reviews basic principles of biomaterials science: biocompatibility, biomaterials biology, proteins at surfaces, blood compatibility, bacterial biofilms, drug delivery, and gene delivery.

  • You will learn the basics of reading histological slides, of surface modification, and of surface analysis.
  • You will learn about biomaterials in orthopedics, dermatology, cardiovascular medicine, ophthalmology, and gynecology (from leading MD practitioners in these fields).
  • You will be introduced to the evolving and contentious areas of medical devices: e.g. stents, meshes, breast implants.
  • We will explore what’s next in biomaterials — a look to the future.
  • You’ll receive extensive web-based, downloadable course materials and a textbook option.
  • You’ll be introduced to UWEB21 – a resource focused on biomaterials and medical devices.

For further information: shortcourse@uweb.engr.washington.edu or 206-685-1005