Image: March 2016 Advanced Materials cover, featuring “The Fragile Giant” by Jonty Hurwitz. It shows a three-dimensional microelephant with nanoscale features on a fingerprint. The microelephant was printed by two-photon polymerization and imaged using a scanning electron microscope

A review article recently published by UW Bioengineering Associate Professor Albert Folch and collaborators was featured as the cover article of the March 2016 issue of Advanced Materials. In “Art on the Nanoscale and Beyond,” Dr. Folch and collaborators discuss applications of nano and microscale materials in art, and the medium’s utility in communicating science to a broader audience. The researchers explore the convergence of art and nano and microscale materials from ancient times to today, and examine technological limitations and potential future directions. They discuss the benefits of visualizing science through art, and implications on education, communication and public perception of science and technology.

Dr. Folch leads Bringing Art into Technology (BAIT), a project that aims to increase understanding of the principles of physics, chemistry and biology through artistic manipulations of scientific photographs. Learn more about BAIT.

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