UW Bioengineering’s BioEngage welcomes its first two Founding Member companies, Just Biotherapeutics and NanoString Technologies, Inc. Now in its third year, BioEngage serves as a catalyst for mutually beneficial engagement between BioE and biomedical industry. BioEngage offers industry partners opportunities to attend events, recruit students, and collaborate on design and research projects that accelerate technology development. Learn more about BioEngage.

BioEngage’s Founding Member program enables companies to build lasting relationships with BioE. Founding Members are any company that joins in the program’s inaugural year, and will forever be recognized as founding members upon their renewal. For an annual fee of $5,000, Partner Member companies attend all BioEngage events and programs with no fee, and are highlighted on the BioEngage website and social media accounts.

Just BioTherapeutics logoJust BioTherapeutics is an integrated design company focused on technologies that accelerate development of biotherapeutics and substantially reduce their manufacturing cost. Centering on core strengths of molecular design, process and product design, and manufacturing plant design, Just BioTherapeutics aims to catalyze expansion into cost-sensitive markets and create new therapeutic approaches. Working with selected partners and collaborators, Just will deliver lasting value by enabling access to biologics in the global marketplace.

Nanostring Technologies logoNanoString Technologies, Inc. is a publicly held provider of life science tools for translational research and molecular diagnostics. These technologies enable a wide variety of basic research, translational medicine and in vitro diagnostics applications. NanoString’s nCounter® Analysis System uses a molecular color-coded barcode technology for the direct, digital and multiplexed measurement of hundreds of unique transcripts in a single reaction. Additionally, with 3D Biology™ capability DNA, RNA and protein can be simultaneously analyzed in a single assay from the same sample.