UW Bioengineering students, faculty and staff participated in the Husky Hope and Help (H3) Walk on Saturday, May 20. The event was hosted by Huskies for Suicide Prevention and Awareness (HSPA) and Forefront: Innovations in Suicide Prevention. The annual H3 Walk aims to destigmatize mental illness, and empower the community to speak up and support one another. Participants express solidarity in support of mental wellness, student health, and suicide prevention and awareness.

Participants from BioE included: Kim Hua, Guy Everett, Lesley Martinez, Kayla Hogan, Jonathan Mene, Rachel Straughn, Annapurni Sriram, Miguel Monserate, Som Chavanachat, James Bao, Kevin Shi, Senior Lecturer Alyssa Taylor, and advisors Chetana Acharya and Holly Williams.