“I decided to pursue a degree in bioengineering due to my interest in the human body and my strong high school background in math and physics.  I found it intriguing to blend these topics together to advance our knowledge of the human body.

In the bioengineering department I found the faculty and advising staff to be very helpful.  They are a fantastic resource for the students and provide excellent guidance for after graduation plans. After graduation, I will be working at Biotronik, a cardiac rhythm management company.  This is a great opportunity for me to apply the knowledge I’ve gained through the bioengineering courses as well as the computer skills I’ve obtained working in a lab.  I’ll be working in the operating room with cardiac surgeons, helping to ensure the correct placement of cardiac leads, as well as in the hospital following up with patients on how the device is working.  This hybrid tech/hospital work will hopefully clarify if medical school is something I want to pursue or if my passion lies elsewhere.

To balance my work in the classroom, I sought out numerous opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. I spent much of my time during my first two years of college volunteering for the UW Dream Project, an organization that helps support low income and first generation students in attending higher education.  I finished my last quarter in the club as the high school lead manager, facilitating communication between the staff members and the high school leads that instructed a college course on effective mentorship.  I have also found leadership opportunities in other clubs such as Bioengineers Without Borders and Tau Beta Pi. Specifically, as the Vice President of Membership Development for BWB I lead quarterly workshops and teach members practical engineering skills such as soldering, 3D printing and laser cutting. Lastly, I also play soccer on the UW Club Soccer team to keep myself healthy, as well as to take a break from school work. Although I often found it difficult to manage my time as a student while balancing all these activities, I am grateful for the experiences I was able to obtain through participation in these clubs.

My advice to future students is to take advantage of the numerous resources that the bioengineering program provides outside of classes. Get involved in clubs, labs, and extracurricular activities to the capacity that you’re comfortable with. It was my participation in these clubs that has helped me explore various topics and find passions that I never knew I had. In addition, it tends to be these types of experiences that are most often talked about in interviews and applications.

As I approach graduation, I am excited for the added free time that I will have.  I am looking forward to not only starting my job, but also cooking, reading, and hiking with my girlfriend and newly adopted dog.”