You are invited to attend the 2019 Computational Molecular Biology (CMB) Annual Retreat on October 4 at the UW Waterfront Activities Center.

The CMB program, created about a decade ago by Joe Felsenstein and Martin Tompa, issues a state-recognized certificate to students who augment their PhD research with training related to computational biology.

The CMB Annual Retreat gathers a diverse group of computational biologists from UW, Fred Hutch, and Allen Institute to discuss their research and future collaborations. This year, we are featuring compelling speakers from Bioengineering, Biology, Computer Science & Engineering, Genome Sciences, Microbiology, Statistics, Biostatistics, and Fred Hutch. There will also be opportunities to talk shop and socialize during coffee breaks, lunch, and boating on beautiful Lake Washington starting at 4pm.

Please check the schedule here and visit our website to learn more about the CMB program.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Bill Noble & Su-In Lee