UW Bioengineering Assistant Professor Deok-Ho Kim has received a $250,000 Proof of Concept grant from the Life Sciences Discovery Fund (LSDF). Dr. Kim’s project, “Integrated Multielectrode-Array Nanodevice for Cardiotoxicity Screening”, aims to develop a micro/nano-engineered cardiotoxicity assay. This assay enables drug developers to identify therapies that are potentially harmful to the heart, before they are used on humans.

This grant is part of a total of $1.25 million of Proof of Concept funding awarded by LSDF to for-profit and non-profit organizations throughout Washington State to accelerate the translation of promising health-related technologies from concept to commercialization.

Visit LSDF’s website for more information about Dr. Kim’s grant and others.

Edit 10/18/13:

Dr. Kim’s award has been highlighted by UW Medicine News and UW College of Engineering’s website.