Image: Cell sheet grown using thermoresponsive nanofabricated substratum (TNFS) based cell sheet engineering technique and magnetic cell levitation. The yellow arrow indicates direction of alignment within the cell sheet.

Facile fabrication of tissue-engineered constructs using nanopatterned cell sheets and magnetic levitation. Nisa Penland, Eunpyo Choi, Mikael Perla, Jungyul Park and Deok-Ho Kim. Nanotechnology, Volume 28, Number 7 (2017).


We report a simple and versatile method for in vitro fabrication of scaffold-free tissue-engineered constructs with predetermined cellular alignment, by combining magnetic cell levitation with thermoresponsive nanofabricated substratum (TNFS) based cell sheet engineering technique. The TNFS based nanotopography provides contact guidance cues for regulation of cellular alignment and enables cell sheet transfer, while magnetic nanoparticles facilitate the magnetic levitation of the cell sheet. The temperature-mediated change in surface wettability of the thermoresponsive poly(N-isopropylacrylamide), substratum enables the spontaneous detachment of cell monolayers, which can then be easily manipulated through use of a ring or disk shaped magnet. Our developed platform could be readily applicable to production of tissue-engineered constructs containing complex physiological structures for the study of tissue structure–function relationships, drug screening, and regenerative medicine.