UW Bioengineering associate professor Dr. Herbert Sauro and senior fellow Dr. Pavel Zrazhevskiy received 2013 UW College of Engineering Community of Innovators Awards. Dr. Sauro, who received the Faculty Innovator Award for Teaching and Learning, was recognized for his outstanding contributions to engineeringeducationthrough his UW Bioengineering senior fellow Dr. Pavel Zrazhevskiyuse of “flipped classroom” and problem-solving techniques in BIOEN 336. Dr. Zrazhevskiy, a recent PhD program graduate, received the Student Innovator for Research award for his work in Dr. Xiaohu Gao’s lab.

COE Community of Innovators award recipients were honored with a presentation and reception on Wednesday, May 29 from 3:30 to 5:00 PM in the Microsoft Atrium, Paul Allen Center.

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