Happy 2018! To kick off the new year, the Humans of UW Bioengineering blog is launching its second year of storytelling to highlight our students in the bioengineering department. This year, we aim to address topics beyond research and academics, such as mental health and work/life balance, and how students manage and overcome these challenges. We hope to broaden the narrative of the bioengineering student experience, promote acknowledgement and understanding of the challenges we face, and celebrate the diversity within our community.

Our weekly posts will be published on the department website, Facebook, and Instagram. If you have not yet, make sure to follow UW BioE on Instagram (@uwbioengineering) where we offer additional glimpses into life in BioE, including events, student projects, and everyday moments.

Every UW bioengineer has a story to tell, and we look forward to sharing them! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more, or if you’d like to participate.

Looking forward to the rest of the school year with everyone,

Vanessa Nguyen, Samantha Sun, and Laura Wright (mentor)