Humans of UW Bioengineering

First-person accounts of the BioE student experience

Humans of BioE: Alton Cao

Alton Cao is a senior studying bioengineering, and he plans to apply to medical school after graduation. Read more to learn about how Alton found his way into research before realizing he needed to make a change in his path, and discovered that working in patient care and medicine was more fulfilling for him.

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Humans of BioE: Savannah Lawton

Savannah Lawton is a senior studying Bioengineering. After graduation, she will be traveling the world solo for eight months under the Bonderman Fellowship. Read more to learn about how Savannah discovered her interests in bioengineering and plans to enter medicine.

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Humans of BioE: David Younger

David Younger is a postdoc in Bioengineering who is commercializing the work from his Ph.D. at A-Alpha Bio. Read more to learn about how the teamwork and scientific skills he built from his undergrad and Ph.D. were a perfect fit for his current challenge to build a startup.

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Humans of BioE: Arielle Howell

Arielle Howell is a senior studying Bioengineering, and plans to apply to medical school after graduation. Read more to learn about how Arielle realized the value of extracurricular activities like water polo to find balance in a busy school schedule.

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Humans of BioE: Dr. Herbert Sauro

Dr. Herbert Sauro is an associate professor of UW Bioengineering and director of the Center of Reproducible Biomedical Modeling. He also teaches a core course on biological control systems in the undergraduate bioengineering curriculum. Read more to learn about how he took an unusual route to academia by following his passion for combining computational modeling and biology.

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Humans of BioE: Alex Ochs

Alex Ochs is a first year PhD student. Read more to learn about how he found his passion for biology and human health, despite facing challenges coming to BioE with a background in mechanics gained during his Master’s studies, and how he finds work-life balance at school.

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Humans of BioE: Jonathan Mene

Jonathan Mene is an undergraduate senior in bioengineering, and is applying to Ph.D. programs in immunology and bioengineering. Read more to learn about how he overcame challenges in school to give back to the UW community by increasing mental health resources on campus.

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Humans of BioE: Yiming Li

Senior Yiming Li talks about her research investigating the blood protein Von Willebrand factor (VWF) to better understand how to better control blood clotting, and how a sports injury led her to discover bioengineering. She reflects on how the BioE undergrad cohort system enhanced her experience in the major, and her hopes to pursue health care solutions for low-resource settings in her master's degree study at Cornell.

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Humans of BioE: Robyn Langevin

Senior Robyn Langevin talks about her work in the Seelig synthetic biology lab on a new diagnostic that detects differential gene expression associated with cancer or autoimmune disorders. She also discusses the importance of academic outreach and giving back to the community, and how personal struggles helped her gain perspective on her experience in BioE.

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Humans of BioE: Jasmine Graham

Jasmine Graham is a senior in bioengineering and is working in the Human Photonics Lab, where she is developing an optical pH measurement tool that analyzes bacterial biofilms in our mouths for early cavity detection and prevention. She is part of the Husky Leadership Initiative, co-runs the BioE Study Center and after graduation, is planning to pursue a graduate program at UC Berkeley.

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Humans of BioE: Adam Anderson

I’m Adam and I am in Dr. Ruikang (Ricky) Wang’s lab. The lab does OCT (optical coherence tomography) research. The goal of my  capstone is to design an image processing tool for the lab. After I graduate, I am going for a Ph.D at Purdue University because I want the freedom that a Ph.D. offers to choose what I research. I might go into academia afterwards.

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Humans of BioE: Kim Hua

I’m Kim, and I’m in the GRID/Neural Systems lab. My project is about restoring tactile feedback through electrocorticography grids (ECoG) via the somatosensory cortex, or more simply put, how to make people feel again. After graduation, I’ll be traveling in Europe just for fun. I think this will be the last time I’ll get to travel for an extended period without having to worry about school or jobs. Afterwards, I’ll be working in ultrasound systems at Philips as a software engineer.

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Humans of BioE: Brian Gao

In addition to his research in Dr. Xiaohu Gao's lab and work on a team design project, senior Brian Gao is a member of the BioE Mental Health Initiative – an honors project focused on improving the state of mental health in the department through grassroots community-building.

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Humans of BioE: Alyssa Ricketts

Alyssa is an undergraduate senior in BioE, and is double-majoring in computer engineering. She is working in a biomechanics lab led by Dr. William Ledoux, where she investigates how certain joints are affected before and after ankle replacement surgery. She also is part of the Right Brain Campaign and volunteers at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Learn more about her experiences at UW and how she balances all of her activities.

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Humans of BioE: Riley Hein

Riley is an undergraduate senior in bioengineering, and he’s also actively involved in the UW’s ROTC program. Read more about how he balances his participation in these two programs and how they both contribute to his life in college.

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Humans of BioE: Preston Pan

Preston is an undergraduate junior in bioengineering, and he is interested in the electrical engineering/programming aspects of bioengineering. Read more about how his experiences in and out of BioE, and being in a competitive major, have shaped his interests and goals.

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Humans of BioE: Sam Krahling

Sam Krahling is a senior in the Max Lab in the Speech and Hearing Sciences Department, and plans to go into consulting and potentially pursue an MBA in the future. Her activities range far beyond BioE, including becoming ordained to marry her housemates.

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Humans of BioE: Soren Johnson

Soren Johnson is a senior in bioengineering currently doing research in Dr. Suzie Pun’s lab. His work involves developing nonviral methods for efficient and stable gene transfer in renal progenitor cells. Upon graduation he plans on working in industry after hiking across the United States along the Pacific Crest Trail.

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Humans of BioE: Yoshitaka Goto

Yoshitaka Goto began in bioengineering as a direct freshman admit and is now a senior. He is actively involved with iGEM, where he has served several leadership roles. He also represented the UW team at the 2016 and 2017 iGEM International Competition, where they won bronze and silver, respectively. He currently works in Dr. Herbert Sauro’s lab, where he performs computational modelling of E. coli and investigates how specific genetic pathways may alter the bacteria’s behavior, specifically with resource drain and cost.

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Humans of BioE: Janis Shin

Undergrad Janis Shin discusses her journey from growing up in an undeserved community to BioE, and to overcome the adversity she experienced against her academic pursuits. Looking forward, she hopes to empower students from backgrounds like hers to chase their dreams.

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Humans of BioE: Kevin Shi

Kevin Shi is a graduate student in the MS/BS program and performs cellular engineering research in the Davis lab, investigating cardiac function and repair. Last year, he worked with Dr. Dianne Hendricks to develop bioengineering outreach modules for local schools. Now, he works to improve awareness and support of mental wellness, student health, and suicide prevention. As an advocate for student wellness, Kevin is motivated by his own experiences in BioE. Learn more about his story and student wellness resources at UW.

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Humans of BioE is Back!

Every UW bioengineer has a story to tell - and Humans of UW Bioengineering is ready to tell them! We look forward to celebrating our community’s resilience and diversity with you - stay tuned.

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