Sam Krahling is a senior in the Max Lab in the Speech and Hearing Sciences Department. She is looking into consulting and potentially pursuing an MBA in the future. Her activities range far beyond BioE, and one of those involves becoming ordained to marry her housemates.

“BioE is cool and all, but I feel like it’s offered me a “mile deep, square inch” perspective. Not all students feel this way, but I feel like BioE can teach you a lot about one thing. You’re so focused on that one thing that your knowledge beyond that might be limited. I’m not about that; it’s important to me to explore life more broadly. Though, through BioE I’ve learned a lot of skills that are transferable to other industries. I want to be in a more people oriented atmosphere using the problem-solving and analytical skills I’ve learned and applying them in a more business-oriented context.

I lived with a bunch of anarcho-communists last year. I had a friend named James–he’s still my friend, he’s not dead or anything. We were going to live in an apartment together, and then he mentioned these people that he knew were going to live in this house where rent was going to be cheap. And I thought, ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’ Oh my goodness, famous last words. They were all crazy. They were all communists, and slightly anarchist. There were only two people in school, and I thought there would be more. I would get up at 5 sometimes and they’d ask, ‘you’re still up?’ and I was like, ‘no I’m just getting up, why are you still up?’

Two people in the anarcho-communist house wanted to get married while I was living there. It was a lucrative endeavor. I got ordained through some website. I’m not sure if it’s legit, but the marriage happened. I am hypothetically ordained. I wore a dinosaur onesie and married my housemates. They have to get a divorce soon though because they’re not close anymore but they’re married.”