Winston Ciridon, research technologist in bioengineering and chemical engineering, has been nominated for a UW Distinguished Staff Award. He joins Shirley Nollette, assistant to the chair, as a 2018 DSA nominee from BioE. Winston, Shirley and the other 2018 DSA nominees will be recognized at a reception on Tuesday, February 27 from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. in the HUB Ballroom.

Winston has worked for nearly 40 years at UW, and has spent most of his tenure in Professor Buddy Ratner’s lab. He is known for his technical excellence, being an expert at most of the equipment in Prof. Ratner’s lab and the most accomplished in the lab at a few experimental procedures. He is particularly skilled working with the lab’s home-built plasma reactors, keeping them running, performing experiments on them and training others on their use. Winston was featured in a recent UW Chemical Engineering article.

The Distinguished Staff Award highlights University of Washington staff members who display a commitment to the UW and a passion for their work that never rests. This award represents our University’s highest honor by recognizing those who create a world of good through their hard work, dedication and selfless spirit.

Up to five individuals or team nominees will be selected for a $5,000 award presented at the University’s Awards of Excellence ceremony in June.