UW Bioengineering Professor Joan Sanders will present in the 2014-2015 Science in Medicine Lecture series. The series, presented on behalf of the School of Medicine and Council on Research and Graduate Education, features talks by UW Medicine faculty researchers and clinicians on topics representing the breadth and diversity of UW Medicine’s cutting-edge research and clinical care.

Details for Dr. Sanders’ talk:

  • Tuesday, January 20, 2015
  • 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.
  • HSB, K-069 (K-Wing)

Talk abstract: “Using Measurement of Residual Limb Fluid Volume to Enhance Prosthetic Socket Fit”

For people with limb loss, fluid volume changes in the residual limb as low as 1% can cause clinically meaningful changes in socket fit. Poor socket fit leads to sores or ulcers that require the prosthesis not be used until they heal. Dr. Sanders and her team have developed a novel instrument to monitor residual limb fluid volume during activity and use it to investigate how design features of the prosthesis and activities of the user affect limb fluid volume.

Results from these investigations and their application to clinical care will be discussed. Results from field monitoring using a portable version of the device will also be presented.

Dr. Sanders’ Biography

Dr. Sanders’ research focuses on developing novel measurement techniques for external prosthetics. Her lab creates instruments to help practitioners better understand patient prosthetic fit problems and select treatments to improve patients’ function and quality of life. Her lab specifically creates tools to monitor residual limb fluid volume, evaluates materials used in prosthetic devices, and studies skin adaptation to mechanical stress. More information about Dr. Sanders’ research