UW Bioengineering Associate Research Professor Lara Gamble has been named director of the UW Molecular Analysis Facility (MAF), a fully-staffed instrumentation facility with extensive microscopy, spectroscopy and surface science capabilities. Dr. Gamble, a surface analysis expert, succeeds long-time director Dave Castner, UW professor of bioengineering and chemical engineering, who is retiring.

Lara Gamble, UW Bioengineering faculty

Lara Gamble

The MAF is part of the UW Molecular Engineering and Sciences (MolES) Institute. “At the Molecular Analysis Facility, we work hard to meet the needs of the many researchers we serve—from academics characterizing unique nanoparticle features to startups looking to improve materials or devices,” said Dr. Gamble in a MolES news announcement. “I am grateful to have been able to work closely with Dave Castner for so many years – he’s been an incredible mentor and I am honored to be passed the reins to this top-tier research facility. I look forward to carrying on this work and expanding the MAF’s capabilities and expertise.”

Dr. Gamble has served as MAF associate director since 2013. She is also co-Director of NESAC/BIO, a preeminent surface science research center at UW, and was elected to the 2016-18 Board of Directors of the American Vacuum Society. Dr. Gamble’s research focuses on developing new techniques for the improved analysis of biomolecule-surface interfaces as well as improved chemical imaging of biologically relevant samples.