Teaching Professor
Phone: (206) 685-3021
Office: Foege N310E
UW Bioengineering faculty Christopher Neils

Christopher M. Neils

Medical electronic devices
Feedback control systems
Fluid and structural dynamics
Signal and image processing
Senior capstone design projects
PhD, Biomedical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, 2000
BS, Aeronautics & Astronautics, MIT, 1990
Postdoctoral Fellow, UW Bioengineering (Albert Folch), 2001-2003
Outstanding Teacher Award, UW Department of Bioengineering, 2008, 2011
Distinguished Staff Award, UW Department of Bioengineering, 2004
Student poster award, Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference, 1998
O.L. Chenoweth Engineering Fellowship, The University of Texas at Austin, 1995-98
University Fellowship, The University of Texas at Austin, 1995-96
Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society, Massachusetts Beta chapter, 1988
Sigma Gamma Tau aeronautical engineering honor society, 1987
Navy ROTC scholarship, 1985-89
Kalin Award, Mu Alpha Theta national math society, 1985

BIOEN 316: Biomedical Signals and Sensors
BIOEN 327: Fluids and Materials Laboratory
BIOEN 402: Bioengineering Capstone Research and Design
BIOEN 404: Team Design I
BIOEN 498: Real-time Bio-signal processing

Refereed archival journal publications
Christopher Neils, Zachary Tyree, Bruce Finlayson, Albert Folch, 2004, Combinatorial mixing of microfluidic streams, Lab on a Chip, vol 4, p 342-350. Cited 48 times.

C.M. Neils and K.R. Diller, 2004, An optical-axis freezing stage for laser-scanning microscopy of broad ice–water interfaces, J. Microscopy, vol 216, p 249-262. Cited 7 times.

H.R. Harmison, K.R. Diller, J.R. Walsh, C.M. Neils and J.J. Brand, 1998, Measurement of Cell Volume Loss in the Liquid Region Preceding an Advancing Phase Change Interface. Annals of the NYAS, vol 858, p 276-283.

Conference proceedings, refereed by abstract
Chia-Hsien Hsu, Christopher Neils, Anna Tourovskaia, Albert Folch, 2002, “Microcanals” for modulation of the microfluidic environment of cultured cells. Proc. 2nd Joint IEEE-EMBS/BMES Conference, vol 2, p 1681-1683.

C.M. Neils, A. Tourovskaia, B. Weigl, A. Folch, 2002, Combinatorial microfluidic devices for cell biology. Proc. 2nd Annual International IEEE-EMB Special Topic Conference on Microtechnologies in Medicine & Biology, 2002, p 148-151.

C.M. Neils, L.J. Hayes and K.R. Diller, Interface Shape Control in a Cylindrical Directional Solidification Stage. Advances in Heat and Mass Transfer in Biotechnology, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) HTD vol 363 / BED vol 44, 1999, pp. 189-194.

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