Professor of Pathology
Professor of Genome Sciences

Raymond Monnat

High-throughput functional phenotyping of human genetic variation
Molecular basis of cancer therapeutic response in AML and GBM
Use of genetic/high throughput screening to elucidate human biology and disease therapy
Engineering of homing endonucleases, TALENs and CRISPR/Cas9 nucleases for targeted gene repair and gene ablation in human and animal cells, iPS cells and the Anopheles gambiae germline
Novel point-of-care diagnostics and probiotic therapeutics for inherited human metabolic diseases
A major focus of work in my lab is to understand the pathways that insure genome stability and prevent mutation in human somatic cells. We are also interested in engineering homing endonuclease proteins to use for genome biology, and as novel therapeutic or disease prevention reagents.
B.S. (Zoology), University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI (1968 – 1972).
M.D. degree, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, Chicago, IL. (1972 – 1976).
Categorical Residency in Anatomic Pathology, University of Washington and Affiliated Hospitals, Seattle, WA (1976-1980).
Postdoctoral Fellowship, The Joseph Gottstein Memorial Cancer Research Laboratory, Department of Pathology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA (Dr. Lawrence A. Loeb; 1980 – 1984).