Associate Teaching Professor, Bioengineering
Director, Masters In PHARBE

Robbie Wong

Roberta Wong

Biology Major UC Davis- early admission to UCSF School of Pharmacy
PharmD UCSF School of Pharmacy
Clinical Residency, UCSF School of Pharmacy
Golden Gate Society of Health-System Pharmacists Intern Award
UCSF Residency Award for Research Project (Prophylactic antibiotic use during Cardiovascular Surgery)
Fellow, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
US Assistant Secretary of Health Award for Educating Pharmacists on Treatment of HIV Infection
Fellow, California Society of Health-System Pharmacists
PHARBE 502 Drug Discovery and Design in Drug Development
PHARBE 503 Clinical Drug Development
PHARBE 506B Pharmaceutical Bioengineering Seminar
PHARBE 513 Clinical Development
PHARBE 522 Molecular Targets and Drug Classes
BIOE 532 Professional skills development
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