The BioEngage Noninvasive Therapy and Diagnosis sector held their first technical symposium on May 25, 2016 titled, “Imaging Tools Delivering on the Promise of Precision Cancer Treatment.”

Nine companies and over a dozen UW labs participated, represented all imaging modalities.  Industry representatives attended from both large companies such as Carl Zeiss, GE, Philips and Siemens as well as from smaller companies including Mirabilis Medical, Nova TheraNostics, Optovue and Tasso.

The symposium encompassed technical talks, student poster presentations, panel discussions, and networking time to foster collaborations between UW and industry.  The sessions focused on molecular and targeted contrast agents, integrated imaging and therapy, and assessing response to therapy.  The panelists discussed how to maximize industry-academia partnerships and how to overcome barriers to clinical acceptance.

The overall feedback from the event was very positive, with particular appreciation for the opportunity to network and learn about UW Bioengineering!

The BioEngage team sincerely thanks all attendees who presented talks and posters, and who made the event a success. Upcoming BioEngage events are being planned for 2016. To learn more about program benefits, to be invited to future events and help BioEngage plan activities that would benefit the community, contact the BioEngage team.

UW Bioengineering’s BioEngage program seeks to build mutually beneficial relationships with biomedical industry, with the goal of increasing engagement of BioE students and faculty with the biomedical translation-commericalization sector (for-profit companies, nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs and investors). Learn more about BioEngage.

Talks presented:

UW uWAMIT: MNP-bPANI system and molecular imaging (Junwei Li, Soon Joon Yoon)

Nova TheraNostics & UW: High-resolution MRI and IR diagnostic imaging enabled by a novel biocompatible & biodegradable nano-platform (Rodney Ho)

UW Molecular Biophotonics Lab: Molecular biophotonics for cancer detection and surgical guidance (Jonathan Liu)

Pun Lab: Microbubbles and targeted contrast agents (Suzie Pun and Kevin Tan)

UW Human Photonics Lab: Multicolor molecular imaging in the human for GI cancer (Eric Seibel)

Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.: Technology commercialization – OCT from research concept to mainstream product (Matt Everett)

Philips: Challenges with X-ray guided multi-needle tumor ablation (Onno Wink)

UW Radiation Oncology: Challenges and opportunities for imaging in radiation therapy (Matt Nyflot)

Philips: Opening the blood brain barrier to deliver chemotherapy drugs to brain cancer (Jeff Powers)

SCCA & UW: Advanced MRI to evaluate response to breast cancer therapy (Savannah Partridge)

Optovue: Advanced MRI to evaluate response to breast cancer therapy (Utkarsh Sharma)

Siemens R&D: Ultrasound fusion as the opportunity to deliver precision cancer treatment (Andy Milkowski)

PET/X  & UW IRL: Quantitative dual-mode scanner for breast cancer therapy assessment (William Hunter)

GE: Molecular contrast agents (Perry Frederick & Siavash Yazdanfar)

Panel Discussions:

Maximizing industry-academic partnerships

Moderator: Matt O’Donnell

Erwin Berthier         VP of RND, Tasso Inc

Matt Everett            Chief Scientist, Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc

Perry Frederick        Research Manager – Western US, GE

Rodney Ho                Chair of Scientific Advisory Board, Nova TheraNostics and Professor, UW

Tom Matula             Director, UW CIMU

Onno Wink               Clinical Scientist, Philips Healthcare

Barriers to clinical acceptance

Moderator: Ray Yueng

Adam Alessio         Research Associate Professor, UW Radiology, Imaging Research Lab

Sara St. James       Assistant Professor, UW Radiation Oncology

Jonathan Liu           Assistant Professor, Molecular Biophotonics Lab

Jessi Parsons          Clinical Science Manager, Mirabilis Medical, Inc.

Matt Rielly               Clinical Research Board Regional Manager, Philips

Utkarsh Sharma    Director, Advanced Development, Optovue