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Congratulating Ruikang (Ricky) Wang

Advancing biomedical invention as the WRF / David and Nancy Auth Innovator of Bioengineering

UW Bioengineering's Ruikang Wang

Ruikang Wang is a noted inventor of biomedical imaging devices

In recognition of the UW’s pioneering legacy in the arena of medical devices, and motivated by a desire to give back to the institution that enabled a transformative career experience, David and Nancy Auth have established a new award in the Department of Bioengineering. The WRF / David and Nancy Auth Innovator of Bioengineering award enhances the University of Washington’s ability to recruit and retain talented faculty who are active in translational research, and to pursue impactful strategic initiatives. The award recognizes prolific biomedical imaging inventor Ruikang (Ricky) Wang’s contributions to the field.

This award strengthens the UW’s innovation pipeline to biomedical industry. By fostering the development of technologies, treatments and tools for clinical use, the award advances health care worldwide.

“Since my career underwent a major transformation thanks to Dr. Robert Rushmer—the founder of bioengineering at the UW—I feel it is appropriate for me to provide this endowment as a way of honoring Dr. Rushmer and perpetuating his legacy,” says David. A former UW professor of electrical engineering and affiliate professor of bioengineering, David is an inventor or co-inventor of a number of widely used medical devices.

“We want to ensure that the UW continues its leadership role in bioengineering education by providing opportunities to support innovative people, which in turn maximizes their potential to make the medical world a better place,” Nancy explains.

The Auths’ gift is complemented by generous term support for Professor Wang’s research—including his work on the retina of the human eye utilizing ultra-sophisticated optical imaging instrumentation—from the Washington Research Foundation, which supports groundbreaking technology in the life sciences, physical sciences and information sciences.

“Professor Wang exemplifies UW Bioengineering’s commitment to finding creative solutions for unmet healthcare needs. We are delighted to partner with David and Nancy to support this high-impact work,” says Ronald Howell, CEO of Washington Research Foundation.

About Ruikang (Ricky) Wang

A member of the UW’s faculty since 2010, Dr. Wang is currently a professor of bioengineering and ophthalmology. He is dedicated to developing novel and clinically relevant biomedical imaging techniques for the early diagnosis, treatment and management of disease. He has published 366 scientific papers, and is inventor or co-inventor on 46 patents and patent applications. As a Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE), he is among the nation’s top two percent of medical and biological engineers.