UW Bioengineering Senior Lecturer Alyssa Taylor has received the 2017 Award for Excellence in Science Education from the Seattle Association for Women in Science (AWIS). This award, along with the AWIS’s Award for Scientific Advancement in STEM and the Award for Excellence in Scientific Outreach, recognizes outstanding women who have advanced their fields of scientific research, education and outreach.

The awardees will be honored at the AWIS annual banquet in June. The event is an opportunity for the community – AWIS members and non-members – to celebrate and support talented women in STEM.

Dr. Taylor joined UW Bioengineering in 2010 after earning her Ph.D. in biomedical engineering at the University of Virginia. This award recognizes her genuine passion for teaching, and serving as a positive role model for students in science and engineering. In addition to teaching and educational research, Dr. Taylor has held leadership roles in the American Society for Engineering Education and engages in outreach activities to encourage younger students in science. Read more about Dr. Taylor and the other AWIS awardees.