UW Bioengineering Research Assistant Professor Anthony Convertine was named Author of the Month by the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Polymer Chemistry Blog. He was recognized for his recently published paper “Well-defined single polymer nanoparticles for the antibody-targeted delivery of chemotherapeutic agents”, which demonstrates the possibilities of a new class of drug delivery system that combines the high drug loading capacity and well defined structure of polymer-drug conjugates with the long circulation times of nanoparticle-based systems.

Dr. Convertine’s research focuses on developing powerful new delivery technologies that will enable the realization of therapies based on intracellularly active biologic drugs. With his work, he aims to revolutionize the treatment of serious diseases such as antibiotic resistant bacterial infection and cancer while minimizing harmful side effects.

In an interview on the RSC Polymer Chemistry blog, Dr. Convertine, whose academic background is in polymer science and engineering, talks about his latest work, inspiration to become a chemist and what he likes to do in his free time — did you know that this bioengineer is also an aspiring surfer?

Read RSC’s interview with Dr. Convertine