• scaffold-mediated delivery for non-viral mrna vaccines

Scaffold-Mediated Delivery for Non-Viral MRNA Vaccines

SCAFFOLD-MEDIATED DELIVERY FOR NON-VIRAL MRNA VACCINES https://www.nature.com/articles/s41434-018-0040-9 Ruying Chen, Hong Zhang, Jingxuan Yan, James D. Bryers Nature: Gene Therapy volume 25, pages556–567 (2018) ABSTRACT mRNA is increasingly being recognized as a promising alternative to pDNA in gene vaccinations. [...]

  • Amino?acid sequence and structural comparison of GA88 and GB88.

A Carboxylate to Amide Substitution That Switches Protein Folds

Valerie Daggett and colleagues performed a comparative molecular dynamics study on the denatured states of two proteins, sharing nearly identical amino?acid sequences (88?%) but different topologies, namely an all?a?helical bundle protein named GA88 and an a+B?protein named GB88.